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We are a company specializing in the production of safety equipment for motorcycles. We have a wide range of  engine covers and other accessories for many motorcycles.


The crash bars are metal tubular covers protecting the engine against damage in the event of a fall or slide. They absorb some of the energy and  protect the engine from the damage. All our crash bars are made of steel tubes which are laser-cut and bent on CNC machines. We use TIG welding method and all of them are powder painted (primer and topcoat). The shape of our engine guards is designed for the measure and type of motorcycle.



We put every effort in to ensure that the assembly of our products is very simple and at the same time they adequately protect the engine and adjust to the appearance of the motorcycle. Our units are installed to the frame of motorcycle or engine block with screws, clamps or brackets specially made for each model and their assembly does not require interference in the structure of the motorcycle. The delivered product contains all necessary elements for assembly such as: bolts, nuts, spacers, holders, etc. We do not only design and manufacture our products but we also sell them via the Internet to provide our clients  the best prices and service through the direct contact. Thanks to this form of distribution anyone who is interested in purchasing of our products has the opportunity to obtain informations directly from the manufacturer and can be sure that they will receive a product made with  best precision and care to every detail.



When it comes to the damage of one side of our crash bars,  our customer can place the order only for the part needed to be replaced. We accept these orders by e-mail.

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