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Engine guards / skid plates


We also specialize in the production of aluminum and steel engine covers. Skid plates serve to protect the oil sump, exhaust's manifold and other items vulnerable to damage. We create these covers from aluminum sheet 3 mm thick and 1.5 mm thick steel sheet. Available colors of skid plates are black, silver and raw aluminum. Thanks to the fact that we are a direct producer you have the opportunity to obtain all kinds of information directly from us.



Other accessories


We also manufacture other accessories for motorcycles such as: universal brackets for attaching auxiliary lights to our crash bars, GPS holders, widening the kickstand expansion and chain guards. These products are made of the highest quality materials and with the best precision and attention to detail. The colors of these objects are adapted to the appearance of the motorcycles.



You will also find bags in our offer for the majority of models. Bags are sold with 1 piece for the left and 1 piece for the right side. All bags are sewn from durable and waterproof black fabric, they are closed with a waterproof zipper. All the available bags are made to fit the shape of our crash bars. They allow the motorcyclist to carry handy things.

Crash bars


Our company specializes in the production of high quality metal piping. Crash bars have various shapes and sizes that are adapted to the particular motorcycle. They are used to protect the engine during tipping or falling by reducing the impact force. Our piping are designed to be attached to the frame of the motorcycle or to the engine block. We manufacture the motorcycle guards from steel tubes, laser-cut and bent on CNC machines then they are welded using the TIG  method. Our company uses only great and high quality materials but also we make the piping easy to assemble.  Every piping we send has all the elements necessary for assembly. The assembly itself will run without interfering with the construction of the motorcycle.



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