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Crash bars for KTM 1290 Super Adventure (2015 - ) / Super Adventure T (2017 - )

Part number: KTMBU0078CM1G (black) , KTMBU0078PP0G (orange)


Crash bars for KTM 1290 Super Adventure (2015-2016) and KTM 1290 Super Adventure T produced since 2017. This piping is one piece construction and it is mounted to the motorcycle in 4 points on each side, what makes protection for whole front of motorcycle. Crash bars are stiff and resistant for damage, they definitely exceed the solutions which include engine crash bars and additional tank cover. These crash bars provide complex protection for whole motorcycle front.

WARNING! Crash bars doesn't fit with KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S. For this motorcycle we've got another product in our offer.


Technical data

Compatible with

KTM 1290 Super Adventure (2015-2016),

KTM 1290 Super Adventure T (2017-...)

Crash bars type



Black mat or orange

Average package weight kg

10 kg

Package dimensions mm


Left and right side connections points


Anchorage points per side


Material used

Steel pipe 25mm x 2mm


Bags for HEED crash bars for KTM 1290 Super Adventure

Part number: KTMTO0078CZ


We've got in our offer bags for HEED crash bars for KTM 1290 Super Adventure. The set contains: one on right side and one on left side. Bags are mounted on straps which are fastened by a press stud. Bags are made of waterproof black material, fastened on the upper part with a waterproof zip. Our bags have irregular shape which is forced by the piping shape so it's not able to determine capacity of bags. Approximate dimensions are visible in the photo with green background.


GPS holder for KTM 1290 Super Adventure

Part number: KTMUN0076CP0G (black) , KTMUN0076PP0G (orange)


This position is universal GPS holder and it is designed for KTM 1190 Adventure (2012-2016), KTM 1050 Adventure (2015-2016) and KTM 1290 Super Adventure (2015-2016). Holder is mounted above the speedometer, what makes the best possibilities to look at navigation. In the set there are two adapters (plate and tubular), thanks to this we can install almost all types of navigation. Product is made of steel sheet. Screws which are connecting the adapter to the base allow rigid tightening what reduce device vibrations during a ride. GPS holder is available in black and orange (KTM shade) powder coat.                                                                                                                                                                                   

Engine guard for KTM 1290 Super Adventure

Part number: Aluminum: KTMOS0076CM1GALU (black), KTMOS0076ALU (unpainted)

                        Steel: KTMOS0076CM1G (black), KTMOS0076SM0G (silver)


Engine guard produced for KTM 1190 Adventure (2012-2016), KTM 1050 Adventure (2015-2016), KTM 1090 Super Adventure, KTM 1290 Super Adventure (2015-2016), KTM 1290 Super Adventure T (produced since 2017) and KTM 1290 Super Adventure S. Engine guard is available in 2 material versions:

  • made of aluminum with a thickness 3mm - in colour black or unpainted aluminum

  • made of sheet steel with a thickness 1.5mm - in colour black or silver

Both versions are powder coated and they have similar resistance, the main difference between them is weight - about 3kg for aluminum version and about 3.5 kg for steel version.

Engine guard produced by our company protects front and bottom engine part and also other sensitive elements of engine which are exposed to damage by stones, branches, roots and others things which we can meet on the street or in the field. 


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