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Bags for HEED crash bars for Honda XL 700 V Transalp (2008-2015)

Part number: HONTO0049CZI


We've got in our offer bags for HEED crash bars for Honda XL 700 Transalp produced between 2008 and 2015. In the set we sell two pieces of them, one on right side and one on left side. Bags are mounted on straps, which are fastened by a hook and loop. Bags are made of waterproof black material, fastened on the upper part with a waterproof zip. Our bags have irregular shape which is forced by the piping shape, so it's not able to determine capacity of bags. Approximate dimensions are visible in the photo with green background.



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Crash bars for Honda XL 700 V Transalp (2008-2015)

Part number: HONBU0049CM1G


Piping for Honda XL 700 V Transalp produced between 2008-2015. Crash bars have 3 anchorage points per side. They protect almost whole motorcycle front similarly as our crash bars for Transalp 600 and Transalp 650. In the front part under headlight we can find not only left and right side connection point but also special bracket which is mounted to the motorcycle frame and it also connects both piping sides. Thanks to this solution whole construction is rigid and stable. Crash bars are available in black colour.


Technical data

Compatible with

Honda XL 700 Transalp (2008-2015)

Crash bars type




Average package weight kg

7,5 kg

Package dimensions mm


Left and right side connection points


Anchorage points per side


Material used

Steel pipe 25mm x 2mm



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